College Essay Topics

No idea what to write for your college essay? Take a look at our suggestions for college essay topics and your next paper or college application essay will be a breeze. We give you argumentative essay topics, creative ideas for your next paper, unique thoughts on what to write for your college application essay, and college essay topics from A to Z – a unique list with topic suggestions for every letter of the alphabet.

Writing a college essay is difficult, especially if you cannot get past the brainstorming portion. It is hard to write a well-rounded paper if you do not even know where to begin. One of the most common types of essays you will write in college is the argumentative essay. You will find argumentative essays in history classes, English classes, art classes and much more. If you can write a solid argumentative essay, you will make the grade. This section teaches you the fundamentals of a good argumentative essay and gives you a head start by giving you some sample topics.

Writing from personal experience will give your essay a solid foundation, and our section on creative college essay topics shows you some ways you can draw your own personal experience into a good essay. Other suggestions about innovation, politics and literature as topics give you a good jumping-off point. You are sure to read our topic ideas and be stumped no longer!

The section on creative college essay topics takes ideas from top colleges all across the country and shares them with you so you can prepare yourself for the unique questions that are out there. Some schools, like University of Chicago, are known for their long and interesting questions. Here we give you a sneak peak so you have an idea of what types of things you should write when the time comes for you to apply. They say practice makes perfect, and if you practice writing out your answers to questions you will be in a much better situation when it is time to apply.

Many alumni post the questions they saw when they applied for college. True, most colleges do not use the same questions year after year, but some do, and some get recycled. Use this A to Z list to give you a great idea of what questions are asked across the nation.

Use this section on college essay topics so you can practice, practice, practice. If you have a jump start, then you will find yourself ahead of the competition.