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Swenson Vineyard Preservation Project

Grape breeder, Elmer Swenson turns 90 years old this December. His list of accomplishments as a grape breeder for 50 years are well-known: Swenson Red, Edelweiss, St. Croix, Kay Gray, St. Pepin, LaCrosse, Esprit, Summersweet, Sabrevois, Louise, Prairie Star, Brianna, Somerset Seedless, Petit Jewel Seedless, Trollhaugen Seedless. His grape varieties can be found growing on three continents-North America, Europe, and Asia. At his advanced age, Elmer is no longer able to care for his vineyard. Yet much grape material in his vineyard remains to be evaluated. During the 2003 season, an effort was launched to preserve his legacy for the long term.

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